London’s Connaught Bar tops list of World’s Best Bars again


FOR the first time since 2019, The World’s 50 Best Bars were awarded in a live ceremony in London this week with the ceremony taking place at the Roundhouse (and on Facebook Live).

This year’s winner was the same as last year’s: London’s Connaught Bar, at the Connaught Hotel. “The hotel has actually been open for over a century. Since the tenure of Agostino Perrone, it has been growing in stature for the past decade, helping to reinvent the martini cocktail and show the world precisely how good, intuitive, and interactive service can be,” said Mark Sansom, Content Editor for The World’s 50 Best Bars, during the awards ceremony.

Upon accepting his award, Director of Mixology at the Connaught Mr. Perrone said, “The sky is very dark out there. Only one star can shine… if it’s all of us: we are all the stars in this room tonight. We’re going to shine. We’re going to make a beautiful sky for the people who are lost out there.

The awards are organized annually by William Reed Business Media, the same company behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The awards are chosen by 600 voters, with the world divided into 28 regions, headed by the same number of Chairs.

“Voters are simply asked to name the seven bars in which they have enjoyed the best experience over the previous 18 months. There are no pre-determined criteria, though there are strict voting rules. Voters must have visited the bars they vote for during the voting period, and they cannot self-nominate or nominate a bar in which they have any financial interest. Guest bar shifts and pop-ups do not qualify for votes,” says their website.

Singapore had the most number of bars on the list with five, followed by Mexico City with four. London, New York, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Sydney all had three bars each on the list.

“We salute you for your ongoing work in supporting the promotion of the hospitality sector, and indeed for helping us push 50 Best forward with the right values to the fore,” said Mr. Sansom at the awarding ceremony.

“There’s little I can say about the last 20-odd months that has not been said already. But I will tell you that it is good to be back.” — JLG

The World’s 50 Best Bars list follows:

1.) Connaught Bar: London, UK

2.) Tayer + Elementary: London, UK

3.) Paradiso: Barcelona,Spain

4.) The Clumsies: Athens, Greece

5.) Floreria Atlantico: Buenos Aires, Argentina

6.) Licoreria Limantour: Mexico City, Mexico

7.) Coa: Hong Kong, China

8.) El Copitas: St Petersburg, Russia

9.) Jigger & Pony: Singapore

10.) Katana Kitten: New York, USA

11.) Two Schmucks: Barcelona, Spain

12.) Hanky Panky: Mexico City, Mexico

13.) Insider Bar: Moscow, Russia

14.) Baba Au Rum: Athens, Greece

15.) Manhattan: Singapore

16.) Atlas: Singapore

17.) Zuma: Dubai, UAE

18.) The SG Club: Tokyo, Japan

19.) Drink Kong: Rome, Italy

20.) 1930: Milan, Italy

21.) Presidente: Buenos Aires, Argentina

22.) Maybe Sammy: Sydney, Australia

23.) Cantina OK!: Sydney, Australia

24.) Salmon Guru: Madrid, Spain

25.) Handshake Speakeasy: Mexico City, Mexico

26.) No Sleep Club: Singapore

27.) Camparino in Galleria: Milan, Italy

28.) Cafe La Trova: Miami, USA

29.) Little Red Door: Paris, France

30.) Dante: New York, USA

31.) Kwant: London, UK

32.) Bar Benfiddich: Tokyo, Japan

33.) Tres Monos: Buenos Aires, Argentina

34.) Attaboy: New York, USA

35.) Lucy’s Flower Shop: Stockholm, Sweden

36.) MO Bar: Singapore

37.) Sips: Barcelona, Spain

38.) Baltra Bar: Mexico City, Mexico

39.) Sober Company: Shanghai, China

40.) Tjoget: Stockholm, Sweden

41.) Epic: Shanghai, China

42.) Charles H: Seoul, South Korea

43.) Tippling Club: Singapore

44.) Above Board: Melbourne, Australia

45.) Galaxy Bar: Dubai, UAE

46.) Re: Sydney: Australia

47.) Sidecar: New Delhi, India

48.) Union Trading Company: Shanghai, China

49.) Darkside: Hong Kong, China

50.) Quinary: Hong Kong, China